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Louisiana SBA™ enables business owners to give purchasing managers, contractors, lenders, customers, and others business partners evidence their company is owned by one of more females1 and is registered with Woman Owned Business Certification. Female business owners are receiving more opportunities from government and Corporate America; greater visibility in media; and gaining leadership roles throughout society. Louisiana SBA™ Business Certification verifies the certification status of up to 2.8 million Louisiana-registered companies and is the most transparent certification offered in the state of Louisiana.

Requirements Who's Eligible
51% or More of the Company's Ownership Interest Must Be of the Female Gender.
Company Must Be Registered in the State of Louisiana.
United States of America Citizens.
Resident Aliens and other Foreigners Possessing
a U.S. Immigration Visa.
Non-U.S. Citizens Operating a Registered Business Within the state of Louisiana.

Reasons for Certification Certification Package Includes
Establish Company Image & Reputation
Solicit Community & Peer Recognition
Exhibit Company Pride & Honor
Publicize Company Ownership Structure
Distinguish Oneself from Competitors
Be a Role Model for Girls & Young Women
Louisiana SBA™ Certification Number
Signed Letters of Certification
Certification Certificates
Certification Seals & Decals
24-Hour Online Verification
24-Hour Cellular Phone Verification

Louisiana SBA™ Woman Owned Business Certification does not require audited financial statements; no classroom or course attendance; no minimum years in operation; and no "on-site examination" of your company's office is required. Woman Owned Business Certification is extremely beneficial for new companies, home-based businesses, established corporations, or any other female-owned organization as marketing used to generate customer interest and potential clients.

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24-Hour Cellular Phone Verification

Diversity Among Fortune 500 CEOs

Women = 8.1%
Men = 91.9%
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